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What’s Coming to Netflix in August 2022

first look netflix august 2022 releases

Welcome to your comprehensive look ahead at everything set to release on Netflix in the United States throughout the month of August 2022. We’ll be covering all the new licensed and Netflix Original series and movies set to release throughout the month. 

We’ll be getting new release dates throughout the month of July for release on Netflix in the US in August 2022. We’ll be keeping this and our Netflix Original preview for the month updated every few days.

As always, where there are additions, there are also removals. So far, big removals for August 2022 include 30 Rock, dozens of movies and Friday Night Lights.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix in August 2022

Games Coming to Netflix in August 2022

netflix games coming in august 2022

  • Heads Up! – Party charades game.
  • Immortality – Interactive movie (originally scheduled for July 2022).
  • Rival Pirates – 3D pirate adventure.
  • Twelve Minutes – Interactive thriller.

August 2022 TBD

  • Delhi Crime (Season 2) Netflix Original Series – Drama series from India.
  • Partner Track (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Ingrid Yun fights to make partner — and keep her moral compass — at an elite New York City law firm while balancing love, friendships and family duties.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 1st, 2022

  • 28 Days (2000) – Comedy starring Sandra Bullock.
  • 8 Mile (2002) – Eminem stars in this beloved drama about a young rapper trying to make it big.
  • Above the Rim (1994) – Sport drama from director Jef Pollack about a high school basketball stars frayed relationships with his brothers.
  • Battle: Los Angeles (2011) – Sony movie starring Aaron Eckhart about an alien invasion and one squads attempt to stop it.
big tree city netflix series august 2022

Big Tree City – Picture: Netflix

  • Big Tree City (Season 1) Netflix Original Kids – From British animation studio Blue-Zoo comes a new series following Major Prickles and his team trying to save the citizens of Big Tree City.
  • Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) – Renee Zellweger returns to play Bridget Jones 15 years after the first movie.
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) – Rom-com about a woman determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.
  • Constantine (2005) – Keanu Reeves stars in this Warner Bros movie about a supernatural exorcist.
dinner for schmucks netflix august 2022

Picture: Paramount Pictures

  • Dinner for Schmucks (2010) – Comedy starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.
  • Eyes Wide Shut (1999) -Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman feature in this direct-to-home video mystery thriller.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) – Cult-classic comedy.
  • Footloose (2011) – Reboot of the Kevin Bacon movie.
  • Hardcore Henry (2015) – Sharlto Copey stars in this action movie shot entirely in first person.
  • Legends of the Fall (1994) – War movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt.
  • Love & Basketball (2000) – Gina Prince-Bythewood writes and directs this sports romance movie.
  • Made of Honor (2008) – Rom-com about a guy in love with an engaged woman.
men in black netflix

Picture: Columbia Pictures

  • Men in Black (1997) – The first Men in Black movie starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.
  • Men in Black II (2002) – Agent Jay is sent to find Agent Kay and restore his memory after the re-appearance of a case from Kay’s past.
  • Men in Black 3 (2012) – The third and final entry in the Men in Black trilogy starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.
  • Miss Congeniality (2000) – Sandra Bullock stars in this action comedy about an FBI agent going undercover.
  • Monster-in-Law (2005) – Rom-com starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.
  • No Strings Attached (2011) – Rom-com starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.
  • Pawn Stars (Season 13) – Reality series.
  • Polly Pocket (Season 4 – Part 2) – Kids animated series.
  • She’s Funny That Way (2015) – Owen Wilson stars in this romantic comedy about a Broadway director getting himself in a predicament.
  • Space Jam (1996) – The original Lebron James WB movie.
  • Spider-Man (2002) – The first Sam Raimi Spider-man movie where Spidey faces off against the Green Goblin.
spiderman 2 coming to netflix

Picture: Sony Columbia Pictures / Marvel

  • Spider-Man 2 (2004) – Tobey Maguire’s second entry in his Spider-man trilogy. He faces off against Doctor Octopus.
  • Spider-Man 3 (2007) – The third and final entry in the Sam Raimi trilogy.
  • The Age of Adaline (2015) – Blake Lively stars in this fantasy romance about a young woman who learns she will live forever, which complicates her love.
  • The Town (2010) – Ben Affleck action thriller.
  • Top Gear (Seasons 29-30) – British motoring show.
  • Tower Heist (2011) -All-star cast comes together for this heist comedy. Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, and Casey Affleck star.
  • Woman in Gold (2015) – Biopic on Maria Altmann.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 2nd

flight new on netflix august 2022

Picture: Paramount Pictures

  • Flight (2012) – Robert Zemeckis directs this thriller about an airline pilot who manages to save all the passengers in his malfunctioning plane.
  • Ricardo Quevedo: Tomorrow Will Be Worse (2022) Netflix Original Stand-up Special

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 3rd

  • Buba (2022) Netflix Original Film – German movie that’s a spin-off to How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).
  • Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – Looks back at the disaster that was the Woodstock 1999 musical festival.
  • Don’t Blame Karma! (2022) Netflix Original Film – Spanish romantic comedy.
  • Good Morning, Verônica (Season 2) Netflix Original Series – Portuguese crime drama series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 4th

KAKEGURUI TWIN Netflix August 2022

Kakegurui Twin – Picture: Mappa

  • KAKEGURUI TWIN (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime – Kaori Makita directs this new series telling the story of Mary Saotome’s gambling feats one year before Yumeko Jabami transferred to her school.
  • Lady Tamara (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Spanish-language reality series.
  • Super Giant Brothers (Season 1) Netflix Original Family – Animation series about robots and their inventor defending the Earth from space monsters.
  • Wedding Season (2022) Netflix Original Film – Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma stars in this new romantic comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 5th

  • Carter (2022) Netflix Original Film – Korean-language action movie.
  • Darlings (2022) Netflix Original Film – Hindi-language romance movie.
  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (2022) Netflix Original Kids – From Nickelodeon comes a feature film on the ROTMNT franchise.
  • Skyfall (2012) – Daniel Craig’s third outing as 007.
  • Team Zenko Go (Season 2) Netflix Original Kids – Animated kids series.
the informer august 5th 2022 netflix

The Informer – Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

  • The Informer (2019) – Action crime thriller from Andrea Di Stefano. Starring Joel Kinnaman and Rosamund Pike.
the sandman netflix august 2022

The Sandman – Picture: Netflix / Warner Bros. Television

  • The Sandman (Season 1) Netflix Original – The world-renowned comics from Neil Gaiman come to life on screen with this live-action series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 6th

  • Reclaim (2022) Netflix Original Film – Taiwanese comedy.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 7th

riverdale season 6 netflix

Riverdale S6 – Picture: The CW

  • Riverdale (Season 6) – The latest season of The CW’s Archie comic adaptation.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 8th

  • Code Name: Emperor (2022) Netflix Original Film – Spanish movie about an intelligence agent who is tasked with incriminating a politician.
  • Team Zenko Go (Season 2) Netflix Original Kids – Animated series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 9th

  • I Just Killed My Dad (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – From the director of Girl in the Picture comes a new doc on the Templet family.
the nice guys netflix august 2022

Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

  • The Nice Guys (2016) – Action comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling set in 1970s Los Angeles. Follows a pair of investigators uncovering a dark case.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 10th

  • Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist (2022) Netflix Original Movie – Argentinian crime documentary.
  • Heartsong (2022) Netflix Original Film – Turkish romance.
  • Indian Matchmaking (Season 2) Netflix Original Series – Reality series.
  • Instant Dream Home (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Reality series hosted by Danielle Brooks.
  • Iron Chef Brazil (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Brazillian spin-off of the new reality cooking show.
  • Locke & Key (Season 3) Netflix Original Series – Final season of Netflix’s fantasy series based on the comics by Joe Hill.
  • School Tales The Series (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Thai anthology horror series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 11th

dope new on netflix august 2022 cleanup

Picture: Open Road Films

  • Dope (2015) – Rick Famuyiwa directs this comedy crime movie about a geek who is surviving in a tough neighborhood.
  • Dota: Dragon’s Blood (Book 3) Netflix Original Anime – The third season based on the Valve MOBA.
  • Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – Documentary on competitive skateboarding icon Leo Baker.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 12th

  • 13: The Musical (2022) Netflix Original Film – After his parents’ divorce, Evan Goldman (Eli Golden) moves from NYC to small-town Indiana. As his 13th birthday nears, he must master the complex social circles of his new school and win friends by turning his Bar Mitzvah into the coolest party ever.
  • A Model Family (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Korean thriller series about an ordinary man on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce stumbling across money.
day shift netflix august 2022

Picture: Parrish Lewis/Netflix

  • Day Shift (2022) Netflix Original Film – Jamie Foxx stars alongside Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco in this vampire movie where Foxx stars as a vampire killer while under the guise of a cleaner.
  • Never Have I Ever (Season 3) Netflix Original Series – The third season of Netflix’s coming-of-age series headlined by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 15th

  • Ancient Aliens (Season 4) – Reality series.
  • Deepa & Anoop (Season 1) Netflix Original Kids – Joined by her color-changing pet elephant, a joyful little girl creates music, merriment and mischief at her Indian family’s Mango Manor hotel.
  • Learn to Swim (2021) – Two contemporary jazz musicians develop a stormy and tragic romance.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 16th

  • Untold (Volume 2) Netflix Original Documentary – Second volume of sports series – will release on Netflix weekly.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 17th

  • High Heat (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Mexican series created by José Ignacio Valenzuela.
  • Junior Baking Show (Season 6) Netflix Original Kids – Reality series that sees young bakers wowing judges making cakes and biscuits.
look both ways poster 2 cleanup

Look Both Ways – Picture: Netflix

  • Look Both Ways (2022) Netflix Original Film – Previously known as Plus/Minus, this movie stars Lili Reinhart who plays a character who gets to see her future play out in two timelines.
  • Royalteen (2022) Netflix Original Film – Norweigen romance movie.
  • Unsuspicious (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Brazillian mystery series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 18th

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 3) Netflix Original Kids – The next installment of the animated series.
  • Inside the Mind of a Cat (2022) Netflix Original Documentary – Cat experts dive into the feline’s mind.
  • Tekken: Bloodline (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime – Based on the popular video game.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 19th

  • Echoes (Limited Series) Netflix Original Series – Identical twins Leni and Gina have secretly switched places for years. But when one sister disappears, both of their lives start to fall apart.
  • Glow Up (Season 4) Netflix Original Series – Reality competition series.
kleo netlfix

Kleo series – Picture: Netflix

  • Kleo (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – German crime series set after the fall of the Berlin Wall about a former spy embarking on revenge.
  • The Cuphead Show! (Season 2) Netflix Original Family – The penultimate season of Netflix’s kids animated show.
  • The Girl in the Mirror (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Spanish-language supernatural drama.
  • The Next 365 Days (2022) Netflix Original Film – Polish erotic thriller movie. The third entry in the film series.
uncharted best new movie coming in july 2022

Picture: Sony Pictures

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 20th

  • Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar (2022) Netflix Original Film – One of two Fullmetal Alchemist movies coming to Netflix exclusively.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 21st

  • A Cowgirl’s Song (2022) – Family music drama about an aspiring teen singer.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 23rd

  • Chad and JT Go Deep (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Variety comedy series about three men taking to the streets of Southern California to spread awareness on important issues.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 24th

lost ollie netflix august 2022


  • Lost Ollie (Limited Series) Netflix Original Series – New family limited series from Shannon Tindle. About a lost toy trying to find his owner.
  • Mo (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Comedy series from A24 and starring Mo Amer and Farah Bsieso.
  • Queer Eye: Brazil (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – New spin-off series to the makeover reality series.
  • Selling the OC (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Reality series spin-off.
  • Under Fire (Season 1) Netflix Original Series At East Bank Station, a close-knit team of firefighters must balance a dangerous, high-stress job, personal challenges and professional setbacks.
  • Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) Netflix Original Film – Italian reboot of the 1970s movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 25th

  • Angry Birds: Summer Madness (Season 3) Netflix Original Kids – Animated kids series.
  • History 101 (Season 2) Netflix Original Series – Docu-series psychedelic drugs, weaponized lasers, and even bottled water.
  • Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (Season 1) Netflix Original Anime – Slice-of-life anime series about Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Kaoru going to play in an amusement park that is about to close.
  • That’s Amor (2022) Netflix Original Film – After her job and relationship implode on the same day, Sofia starts from scratch — and meets a dashing Spanish chef who might be her missing ingredient.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 26th

Disobedience 2017 Netflix

Picture: Bleecker Street Media

  • Disobedience (2017) – Romanced based on the novel by Naomi Alderman.
  • Drive Hard: The Maloof Way (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Reality series where Sammy Maloof build the world’s baddest cars.
  • Loving Adults (2022) Netflix Original Film – Danish crime-thriller based on a book.
  • Ludik (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – South African series.
me time netflix august 2022

Picture: Saeed Adyani / Netflix © 2022

  • Me Time (2022) Netflix Original Film – Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart star in this comedy about a stay-at-home Dad who gets to have a weekend of thrills when his old buddy connects.
  • Seoul Vibe (2022) Netflix Original Film – Korean action movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 29th

  • Under Her Control (2022) Netflix Original Film – Spanish language movie.
  • Might Express (Season 7) Netflix Original Kids – Animated series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 30th

  • I AM A KILLER (Season 3) Netflix Original Documentary – Docu-series looking into some of the most notorious inmates.

What’s Coming to Netflix on August 31st

  • Club América vs Club América (Limited Series) Netflix Original Documentary – Looking into the most controversial football in Mexico.
  • Family Secrets (Season 1) Netflix Original Series – Polish series about a couple’s wedding day threatens to turn disastrous when they begin to unravel a web of secrets.
i came by netflix movie

Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix

  • I Came By (2022) Netflix Original Film – Babak Anvari writes and directs this British movie about a rebellious young graffiti artist targets the homes of London’s wealthy elite.

What will you be watching on Netflix in August 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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