The best Rocky and Creed movies, ranked

In 1975, a little-known actor named Sylvester Stallone (Tulsa King) watched boxer Chuck Wepner take the legendary Muhammad Ali to the 15th round of a heavyweight championship match. Wepner lost, but the underdog made a lasting impression on Stallone. Legend has it that Stallone went home and wrote the first draft to Rocky, which he finished three days later. One year later, Rocky became the highest-grossing film of 1976 and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Nearly 50 years later, Rocky is one of the most successful franchises ever. The franchise is known for its underdog mentality, motivational training montages, and riveting boxing matches. With the addition of Michael B. Jordan (Without Remorse) and the Creed films, the Rocky franchise has inspired a new generation of fans looking for an unlikely hero. With Creed III in theaters, I had the Wepner-like task of ranking the Rocky and Creedmovies from worst to best. Keep reading to see which film took the top spot.

Note: Creed III was not considered for the list.

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