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Will there be a sequel to the Netflix movie?

He’s All That officially released on Netflix last week and was, rightfully so, the talk of the town. The 2021 film starring Tik Tok superstar Addison Rae and Cobra Kai‘s Tanner Buchanan paid homage to the 1999 film but had a completely different feel to it as the film included things that we would only find in our unique modern age including but not limited to Instagram lives, internet trolls, and Kourtney Kardashian scolding Addison Rae on a Peloton bike.

Days later, the film still holds the number one spot on Netflix’s top ten trending list and is currently showing no signs of being dethroned this week. Because of how much rave the Netflix release is still receiving, lovers of the teen rom-com are wondering if they can expect a sequel or if the streaming platform will shy away from granting a part two.

We tell you everything we know about a He’s All That sequel right here.

Is there going to be a He’s All That sequel?

At the moment, a He’s All That part two is rather unlikely.

Though the film seemed to do great in terms of viewership, the critical response to the 2021 remake wasn’t as positive. Rotten Tomatoes critics gave the film a 34% score and audiences gave the movie an even lower score of 29%, which definitely spells disaster for the desired sequel. Even still, there does remain a chance that the streaming platform could capitalize on the film‘s popularity, releasing a part two to continue the buzz. We can never say never!

We’ll be sure to update you when Netflix has announced its official plans regarding the future of He’s All That, but while we wait for that to happen, we may be able to predict when you can expect part two to come to your screens.

He’s All That 2 release date (predictions)

Should Netflix grant the film another installment, it wouldn’t be too bad of a prediction to expect He’s All That 2 to release in summer 2022 around the same time that the first installment was released. Though this time period is merely a prediction, we are still holding on to that hope that we can expect a sequel in the summertime once more.

Things will have to move quickly for a summer 2022 release date. Netflix usually has a year in between sequels of its original movies. For example, Enola Holmes premiered in 2020, and then Enola Holmes 2 is coming in 2022. A similar thing could happen if Netflix orders He’s All That 2.

While you wait for more information about the sequel to be announced, be sure to check out He’s All That streaming only on Netflix.

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