Trending On Netflix: The Top 10 Lists For Movies And TV For Friday, January 21, 2023

It looks like a lot of Netflix subscribers were eager to return to the ‘70s… by way of returning to the ‘90s, that is. That ‘90s Show — Netflix’s new sequel to the That ‘70s Show set near the end of the Twentieth Century — may have been getting mixed reviews, but that did not stop it from finding its way onto the Netflix Top 10 and claiming the top spot. So where does it stand today among the best TV shows on Netflix trending? 

And there’s even bigger news to discuss today, folks. In a major development regarding the great movies on Netflix, a new title has claimed the top spot! Let’s get more specific about where the most popular movies and TV shows on Netflix (opens in new tab) rank for Friday, January 21, 2023 below.

Kim Hyun-joo in Jung_E

(Image credit: Netflix)

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