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The Next Harry Potter Movie Has To Break An Old Wizarding World Trend

The Wizarding World has slowly lost its magic with each new movie, but a change of direction could revitalize that old sense of wonder.

The recent films from the Wizarding World franchise have followed a trend that must now be left behind. The first few Harry Potter movies were inspiring and instilled a sense of wonder, but unfortunately, the magic they once offered has dwindled over the years. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the Wizarding World has yielded progressively stale feature films over the last fifteen years. A few problems would need addressing if the series were to have any chance of returning to its former magnificence, but one glaring issue stands out from the rest.


David Yates has directed the last seven films in the Wizarding World franchise, his first being Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and his most recent being Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, which possibly ended the franchise. The only other director to helm more than one Harry Potter film is Chris Columbus, who sat in the director’s chair for the first two movies. Warner Bros. may have wanted to maintain consistency throughout the most recent films, but stability has come at the cost of creativity and fresh perspectives. Yates has a decent amount of talent, but he’s never led the series to unlock its true potential.

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Future Harry Potter Movies Need Different Directors

David Yates to direct the Scarface Remake
David Yates and Gary Oldman on the set of the fifth ‘Harry Potter’ film

It might already be too late to salvage the Fantastic Beasts series, but if it’s to have any hope of being revitalized, it will need to move on without Yates. The time has come for a new director to take the reins and bring the Wizarding World in a different direction. That issue should have been fixed long ago, but what’s done is done. There’s a growing sentiment that Warner Bros. has failed the Wizarding World, and any adjustment it makes is too little too late. If that view is to be proven wrong, a brilliant new director must pave a unique path.

The way things are going currently, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for a renewed interest in the Harry Potter universe. Studios must adapt to remain relevant, but the Wizarding World has remained stagnant for some time. A change is necessary for Harry Potter to be successful again, and it needs to happen now. If no adjustments are made during the current era of Wizarding World stories, the series is doomed to fail. Looking ahead, though, it’s essential that a rotation of directors be in order if and when Warner Bros. reboots the Harry Potter franchise.

How A Variety Of Directors Can Fix The Wizarding World

Split image showing Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood casting the Patronus spell

The success of the first four Harry Potter films implies that the use of varying directorial styles is at least partly responsible for sustained interest in the series. Yates’ storytelling style was intriguing for a couple of films, but it grew dull over time. The same would likely be true for Chris Columbus had he directed one or two more films in the franchise. Even a masterful director such as Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) would have difficulty evading criticism after remaining in the director’s chair for the entirety of the series.

Creativity will surely die out when a director remains in the same franchise for seven films. By letting others take a crack at the franchise, Warner Bros. could revive the Wizarding World. If Harry Potter fans aren’t sure what to expect when heading into the cinema, they will be deeply excited, and the franchise’s magic, restored. Part of Harry Potter‘s initial draw was the opportunity it gave people to explore the unknown. The change in style each new director brought kept people on their toes. Until a new director takes charge, the experience will continue to feel bland.

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