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The movie that is trending on Netflix only by Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is in the news with everything she touches. The actress has more than 46 million followers on your main networks and is among the biggest stars in the industry today. Her influence is so great that a 2019 movie of her is a trend on Netflix when she is not even the protagonist. Know the details!

The tape in question is Godzilla: King of the Monsters premiered on May 31, 2019 in the halls. There, the interpreter of Eleven put herself in the shoes of Madison: the teenage daughter of Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) y Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga). While Millie’s performance is not among the highlights of her career, the film was a success again.

According to data from Flixpatrol, the film ranks 15th among the most viewed movies on Netflix today despite being over two years old. Its phenomenon is mainly based on Southeast Asian countries because it is # 1 in places like Thailand, Vietman, Malasia, Taiwan Y Philippines. Godzilla is a reference of the culture of Asia because it was created in Japan in 1954.

The participation of the 17-year-old actress was not the only one in the saga because in 2021 she was in Godzilla vs Kong with the same role. However, on that occasion her character was criticized because it was argued that she was not ideal for her. A Spoiler poll of more than 2,500 votes found that 44% believed it was over.

Millie Bobby Brown and Netflix: a solid relationship

Millie was born a star on Netflix thanks to the success of Stranger Things and the streaming giant made sure to enjoy it for a long time. He signed a contract to make original productions and the first of them was Enola Holmes. The second part of the detective tape and a new call What happened to the jellyfish they are on the horizon of the agreement.

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