Suspected Killer of Super TV Boss, Chidinma Conveyed By Officials In ‘Special Car’

The Nigerian Correctional Service on Monday gave the prime suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu, of the murder of the SuperTv boss, Usifo Ataga, a special treatment.

Chidinma who was without handcuffs, was put in the front seat of a blue Toyota Camry and taken away by the prison officials.

Suspected Killer of Super TV Boss, Chidinma Conveyed By Officials In ‘Special Car’

The car with a Lagos number plate EPE671BD had tinted black glasses.

They reportedly followed a green prison bus which was used to convey the other prisoners.

Chidinma was said to have looked ahead as the car front windows winded down, and sped out of the courthouse parking lot.

Meanwhile, the Prison Spokesperson, Rotimi Oladokun, said there was a reason for the special treatment given to the accused lady.

He stated that as a security measure, the Correctional Service often provides a special transportation for high profile cases.

“It’s not the usual practice. It was a security diversion. It is a high profile case, so it was part of our security diversion. It was just to create a diversion,” he said.

Following an application by police counsel, Cyril Ejiofor, the Chief Magistrate Adebayo however, ordered the remand of Chidinma and her co-defendant for 30 days.

They were accused of conspiracy to kill the Super TV boss, Ataga, and steal his belongings including laptop, phones, and a sum of N3.8million.

The court adjourned till September 6, for review of remand and Directorate of Public Prosecution’s Advice (DPP)’s advice.

In a separate proceeding, the police also arraigned Chidinma’s father Mr Onoh Ojukwu, and four others on charges including obstruction of justice and receiving of stolen property.

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