Scream’s History And Legacy: 2022’s Scream Launches An Exciting New Era For The Satirical Slasher Franchise

In the mid-1990s, screenwriter Kevin Williamson made a deal with producer Bob Weinstein and the newly created Dimension Films to develop Scary Movie, a slasher satire based on Williamson’s much-hyped original script. Eventually retitled Scream, the single movie launched a hit franchise including four theatrical releases and a television show – but after nearly twenty years, things changed in a major way behind the scenes. The exposed crimes of Bob Weinstein’s brother/producing partner Harvey Weinstein in 2017 led to the bankruptcy of The Weinstein Company, the parent company of Dimension Films, and the rights to Scream went up for grabs.

A series of acquisitions and partnerships in the wake of the bankruptcy eventually led to the assets of the Weinstein Company being controlled by Spyglass Media Group – and it was in notably undramatic fashion shortly after that deal was completed that the post-Dimension future of Scream began to take shape.