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‘Original crazy rich Asians’: This clip from a 1999 Hindi film has desi Tweeple in splits

There is no dearth of hidden gems in the vast repository of Indian cinema. And time and again, netizens keeps coming across some films and their dubbed versions, starting a laughing riot online.

The latest one a small snippet of a ’90s film that has created a buzz online surrounding “class”.

In a clip going viral on Twitter, a young man is confronted by his mother about choosing a girl who doesn’t belong to their class or status. Not only does she ask him to leave her but takes it a notch higher and asks him to publicly dump her in front of a group of people. The premise itself was enough to hook people, however it was the great acting skill that caught the attention of film buffs online.

Sharing the moment, a man from Pakistan, Jibran T. Siddiqui (@jibransiddiqui), wrote: “Oscar-winning acting. Not watching it alone.”

He was definitely not watching it alone, as it amassed viewers from both sides of the border who were left wondering ‘why’. But what really left everyone amazed was the numerous times class was mentioned, with many joking that even Karl Marx wouldn’t have mentioned the word so many times in a span of two minutes.

The video is from the 1999 Bollywood film Mother. Directed and produced by Sawaan Kumar, big names like Rekha, Jeetendra, Randhir Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Shashikala starred in the movie.

As the clip ended on a cliff-hanger, it intrigued many online who wanted to know what happened next. In case, you’re interested as well, you can watch the full movie on YouTube, here.

And as many complained the the “cringe-worthy” snippet from the film wasted 2 minutes of their life, the user who shared the clip had a savage reply. “Mere bhi huey thay. Phir meine socha sabke waste kardun, kaheen sab mujhsay 2min aagay na nikal jayen (It wasted my time as well. Then I thought I should do the same to others so that no one can go ahead of me by 2 minutes).”

The clip led to many jokes and puns online.

The film revolved around Rekha’s character who had affairs with three men played by Jeetendra, Randhir Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan, which closely resembles the story of Hollywood musical Mamma Mia. She comes face-to-face with these men again when her daughter decides to get married.

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