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New to photography? See which popular genres appeal to you

Looking at my notes from Imaging USA and the individuals I had the chance to chat with many were beginning their photography journey. One of the most frequently as questions was, “What do you shoot?” I got the answer wrong a few times, as I said I shoot Canon, quickly followed by, “Oh I shoot equestrian events.”

I thought for some just starting to get out and shoot, here are some of the most popular areas to look at. There are tremendous resources available to get involved, be it webinars, online training, workshops, photo walks, or of course, books.

Exciting times ahead, now that the pandemic restrictions are past and getting out and about is a priority. So, if I were starting out again, I’d certainly consider some of these areas to pursue.

Photo by Ian Plant

Landscape photography

Landscape photography is a popular choice for beginners, as it allows them to practice their skills and techniques in an outdoor environment. This photography genre involves capturing scenic views, sunsets and sunrises, and will help a beginner get a good understanding of outdoor light and composition.

Photo by Nicolas Rottiers

Street photography

Not sure if street photography was a thing when I started. It involves getting out and about, mostly capturing candid moments in public places. It’s probably not your first choice if you’re shy or timid around people. It helps beginners hone key skills, such as understanding light, timing and composition. This style of photography is increasingly popular as it allows photographers to interact and capture real-life moments and emotions in a creative way. It’s crazy fun and uniquely captivating!

Photo by Brett Day

Portrait photography

It’s a great choice if you’re a people person! Wildly popular with beginners, portrait photography allows them to practice their skills and techniques while interacting and working with people. It involves capturing individuals of all shapes and sizes. As with the rest mentioned here, it will help budding photographers get a good understanding of light, composition and posing.

Photo by Stephen Thackeray

Macro photography

Macro photography appeals to those of us who love capturing close-up images of small things. Flowers, bugs and other small objects or intricate details, to name a few. It may require some specialized equipment, like macro lenses and lighting. As such, it might be a bit harder to jump into. It will certainly require a solid understanding of light and focus techniques.

Photo by Skander Khlif

Black and white photography 

One of my personal favorites, black and white is a timeless style of photography. Black and white film was the first film I ever shot and developed. So, I consider it a highly recommended place to start! Black and white is making a strong comeback and becoming increasingly popular with beginners. In this style of photography, you will learn clever use of light and contrast to create a compelling image. As a whole, it enables photographers from all walks of life to create images that are simple and elegant.

So, if you’re interested in photography, start practicing today with any photography niche that floats your boat. As with any other pursuit, practice is the best way to improve your skills and explore your interests! For additional photography tips and tricks, you may also want to join the Photofocus Community!

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