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Netflix Trending Movies And Shows On October 9, 2022

At the end of this past week, the Netflix Top 10 lists were hit with a number of new additions that quickly shook things up within the standings. Mila Kunis’ Luckiest Girl Alive and Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novella of the same name, were some of the biggest pieces of new content. The former even managed to reach the top spot on the movie list, and that was only one of several major shifts that occurred on Saturday. As for today, a few other things have changed, so let’s dive in and discuss.

Will Ferrell in Megamind

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. – October 9, 2022

Luckiest Girl Alive, which we know a few things about, remains in first place when it comes to movies on Netflix. While reviews have been mixed to negative, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes indicates that fans are enjoying it. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone and Last Seen Alive have also managed to hold onto the second and third positions, respectively. Basketball documentary The Redeem Team didn’t budge either, as it’s still in the fourth slot. Taking the fifth spot, however, is Jexi, which was a space lower on Saturday. 

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