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Netflix Trending Movies And Shows On October 2, 2022

The Netflix Top 10 lists have been dominated by two major titles over the last few days. Blonde has ruled the movie rankings, and Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has done the same in regard to TV. As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t see either of these productions getting pushed out of their spots. It would seem, however, that the Marilyn Monroe flick has been topped by a pretty unexpected film. Not only that, but there have been a number of other interesting shifts in the rankings, as per usual. Now, let’s do what we always do and talk about these new developments.

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour

(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. – October 2, 2022

Last Seen Alive not only joined the film list, but it also dethroned Blonde and took first place among movies on Netflix. I’m honestly surprised that the Gerard Butler-headed action flick has taken the top spot but, then again, audiences do love Butler. Ana de Armas’ Marilyn Monroe picture, meanwhile, now sits in second place. So the movie, which has drawn brutal Twitter reactions and accusations of being anti-abortion, is still sitting pretty, so to speak. Amid the changes, Inheritance has managed to keep its comfy seat in the third slot. The movie is followed by Allison Janney’s Lou, which dropped to No. 4 after occupying No. 2 yesterday. And the fifth spot features a new addition to the list, classic buddy cop movie Rush Hour

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