Well, fellow Netflix subscribers, we’ve made it to the halfway mark to the week, aka Hump Day, and we’re one day closer to being able to veg out on the couch and lose ourselves to an hours-long binge of the platform’s new movies and shows. But before we get there (or in the case of some you are off work or out of school today), we first need to take a look at the Netflix Top 10 for July 27, 2022, so we can see what’s new, what’s popular, if something can dethrone The Gray Man or Virgin River, and what is on the verge of going extinct. Here are all the top Netflix movies and shows that are trending in the U.S. today.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson look concerned, standing in a gym, in The Man from Toronto.

(Image credit: Sabrina Lantos/Netflix)

Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The U.S. – July 27, 2022

Some days we see massive shifts on the the list of top Netflix movies trending in the U.S., and others we barely see any change at all. It’s safe to say that today’s ranking falls into the latter category, as only two titles have moved up or down the pecking order. The 2022 Netflix movie The Man from Toronto, with all its nervous farts, fight sequences, and mistaken identities has swapped positions with Chris Hemsworth’s 2018 action thriller 12 Strong from yesterday. Outside of those two jockeying for position, the list remains relatively the same.

  • 1. The Gray Man
  • 2. Sing 2
  • 3. The Sea Beast 
  • 4. Persuasion
  • 5. Too Old for Fairy Tales
  • 6. The Man from Toronto
  • 7. 12 Strong
  • 8. Trading Paint
  • 9. Umma
  • 10. CHIPS

By OngkyF