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Enterprising Photographers Add a New Angle to Their Photos with these Two Drones

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If you’re planning on building a photography business, wedding photography tends to be more accessible than commercial roles, and the rates remain among the highest in the profession. If you want to distinguish your business from the competition, you could benefit from a pair of drones that could capture unique, dynamic photos and videos (a must for any entrepreneur, really). The Alpha Z Pro and Flying Fox Drone Bundle gives you two 4K drones for a price lower than a telephoto lens, now just $149.99.


Become a wedding photographer with a drone.

The Alpha Z Pro and the Flying Fox both come with HD 4K cameras that you can use to capture stunning pictures. The Alpha Z can give you a live first-person view from above, streamed directly to your phone. This sleek, unobtrusive drone can fly for up to nine minutes on a single charge, and you can use the bottom-facing camera for another unique look. Enterprising wedding photographers could capture a couple’s first dance from every angle using four-channel controls and a flight stabilized by the six-axis gyroscope.

Fly for up to 12 more minutes using the Flying Fox. This silver drone has a follow function that keeps it at a steady distance from the remote. While you’re moving around the wedding taking pictures, you could have a drone following your same path capturing everything you can’t see. Order the Fox to take a photo or record a video using the advanced gesture controls, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the action.

Invest in a pair of drones for your business.

If you want to see some positive development for your photography business, a pair of drones could add a unique twist to your work. Get the Alpha Z Pro and Flying Fox 4K wide-angle drone bundle for $149.99.

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