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Capture One 23 is released, with Smart Adjustments, Layers in Styles and more

Capture One 23 is the latest version of Capture One’s professional image capture, cataloguing and editing tool, and now offers even faster image culling as well as its editing improvements.

Already one of the best photo editing software applications you can get, Capture One 23 extends the range of tools available to pro photographers for organizing, editing and managing images.

The first of Capture One 23’s new features is Smart Adjustments, and these are designed specifically for portrait, wedding and event photographers, where consistency in face and skin tones is crucial. To use the new feature, you first edit a single image to your taste using Exposure and White Balance adjustments, then set this image as a ‘Reference’ to be applied to multiple images. Capture One will attempt to intelligently match that look across all of them. Not only that, you will be able to save your reference image as a ‘Smart Style’ for future use.

Capture One 23’s new Smart Adjustments could make light work of wedding, portrait and event photography sessions. (Image credit: Capture One)

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Professionals may spend as much time on image organization as editing, and Capture One 23’s new, faster culling system is designed to help you eliminate duds and duplicates more quickly. There’s a brand new ‘Cull’ view designed specifically to make this easier.

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