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AUArts photography students ‘break all the rules’ in the new exhibit

Graduating photographers from the Alberta University of the Arts are showcasing their work this month at a new exhibit called mango.

Students in the photography program go through four years of teaching and techniques. However, mango gives them the opportunity to rewrite the rules.

“It’s learning all these rules, and then now in our fourth year, it’s like, well now you can break all the rules,” said Timothy Kozlik, one of the graduating students.

With the photography program having the biggest class it has ever seen, students say planning the exhibit became challenging due to competing ideas. 

“Too many hands in the cookie jar,”said Danielle Edwards, another student.  

Danielle Edwards (left) and Timothy Kozlik (right) stand in front of the mango exhibit sign which is where their photography is being showcased. Located at the Alberta University of the Arts, on Feb. 5, 2023. PHOTO: ETHAN SEABORN

Despite some of the financial challenges and struggles of finding materials needed for their projects, students were still able to play to their strengths.

Kozlik said that showcasing their work to the public puts a spotlight on the students.

mango is located in the AUArts main hall and runs Monday to Friday from 8 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m until Feb. 13. 

“I think that really makes it worth it,” says Kozlik. “Knowing people are coming out and recognizing that there’s people in this building that are producing great work.” 

Students who put on the exhibit hope to raise people’s curiosity and leave audiences with new perceptions of photography.

“We wanted something simple that draws people in, generates questions rather than gives answers,” said Edwards. “Photography and art is not always what it seems to be.” 

Photos that were taken by the graduating photography class of the Alberta University of the Arts decorates the walls in the main hallway of AUArts, on Feb. 5, 2023. PHOTO: ETHAN SEABORN

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