6 Things You Might Not Know About Stargirl If you like action, adventure and a strong female lead, look no further than DC Comics’ Stargirl series.

Created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, Stargirl is an adventurous and exciting superhero known for her gymnastics skills, super strength and cosmic energy abilities. Even though you may recognize her from the hit TV show of the same name, there’s a lot you might not know about this dynamic character. Here are 6 facts you may be surprised to learn about Stargirl.

1. She’s Known by Several Other Names.

Stargirl has a few monikers, most notably her “normal” name Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore. Her other superhero name is the “second Star-Spangled Kid.” (Side note: Courtney’s stepfather, Pat Dugan, was the sidekick to the original “Star-Spangled Kid.”

Close friends often call her “Court,” fellow high school students might call her “New Girl,” and her enemies can refer to her as “Blonde Pinhead” and “Nitwit.”

2. The Courtney Whitmore Character Is Modeled After the Creator’s Late Sister.

Geoff’s real-life sister, Courtney Johns, was tragically killed in the TWA 800 plane crash of 1996. She was only 18 at the time and leaving the US for a study-abroad experience in Italy. The Courtney Whitmore character was created in her likeness, both in looks and personality, as a tribute to her memory.

3. With the Right Equipment, Stargirl Can Wield Cosmic Powers.

Although Stargirl is a powerful gymnast by herself, she becomes even stronger when she carries the Cosmic Staff and wears the Cosmic Converter Belt. With these two pieces of equipment, she gains the ability to fly, manipulate energy and hurl shooting stars.

4. She’s Not Great at Keeping Her Superhero Identity a Secret.

Even superheroes have weaknesses! Throughout her life, Courtney Whitmore struggles to keep her identity as Stargirl a secret. Many of her friends (and a few of her enemies) know about her double life.

5. She Often Fights Alongside S.T.R.I.P.E, Her Sidekick (Who Also Happens To Be Her Stepfather).

A step-parent and stepchild connection can be complicated, and Courtney and Pat Dugan’s relationship is no exception. After Courtney’s mother marries Pat, the family relocates from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska, much to the chagrin of high school-aged Courtney.

With time, however, Courtney begins to realize how much she and Pat have in common. Pat is a kind person and a brilliant mechanic. He creates S.T.R.I.P.E, a giant mechanical robot, to accompany Courtney on her many missions to fight evil.

6. She Once Fought and Defeated Her Own Father.

Courtney’s biological father is a man named Sam Kurtis, a thug with ties to a supervillian group called the Royal Flush Gang. He was absent for most of Courtney’s life and disappeared altogether for a ten-year stretch of time.

The two eventually reconnect after Sam’s disappearance, but their relationship is strained. At one point, the two meet during a robbery-gone-wrong, and Stargirl defeats him.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of excitement, adventure and family drama in Courtney Whitmore’s life. If you’re looking to get lost in a creative comic book series, be sure to check out Stargirl.

By OngkyF