10 Best Friends To Lovers On TV

One of the most satisfying types of romance on television is when two characters grow and evolve as friends. With friendship, there is always a chance for love, and the will-they-won’t-they feeling keeps viewers on tenterhooks in the best way possible.

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Friends to lovers couples usually have long, drawn-out love stories, but these are crafted carefully to keep the audience’s attention and favor. Plenty of shows get it wrong, but there are some perfect friends to lovers in TV history that continue to be favorites to date because of the flawless build-up and chemistry between them.



10 Jim And Pam

The Office

 Jim and Pam from The Office eating and looking lovingly at each other

The chemistry between Jim and Pam was palpable even in the first few episodes of The Office when they were spending time together as just friends. They were perfect for each other, but the not-so-small issue of Pam’s engagement to Roy kept Jim firmly in the best friend category.

The Office was known for the funny sitcom it was, but Jim and Pam’s romance was a vital part of the show. Their friendship was depicted beautifully, and the scene where Jim asks Pam out for dinner was television perfection.

9 Chandler And Monica


TV Friends Chandler Monica Proposal

The best part about friends becoming lovers is how well they know each other, as evident with Chandler and Monica. After years of being pals, they developed crushes on each other, and fans liked the whirlwind nature of their love story.

After a string of unsuccessful relationships, both Chandler and Monica needed better partners. They decided to follow their feelings for each other, which turned out to be the best decision for both of them. Chandler and Monica’s arc was extremely satisfying, which made the sitcom better upon rewatch.

8 Jess And Nick

New Girl

Jess sits on Nick's lap

Nick Miller was one of TV’s most lovesick men, and he admitted that he had loved Jess since the day he met her. However, their journey to romance was long and arduous. as roommates, they couldn’t afford to become romantic too quickly, which was why they took their own time in getting into a relationship.

They faced their fair share of hurdles even after admitting their love, but this kept fans hooked on Nick and Jess’ story. Somewhere between apartment shenanigans and roommate drama, these oddballs found lasting love.

7 Jake And Amy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy at their wedding in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This Brooklyn Nine-Nine couple was the quintessential friends-to-lovers pair on television, and their slow-burn love story was worth the wait on the show. They had a great dynamic ranging from playful and competitive to tender, which developed into a deep-rooted love between the two.

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Jake and Amy were a great example of opposites attract, as their personalities were vastly different, yet they found common ground. Everything was worth it in the end when they had their cozy wedding, and eventually, Jake became a stay-at-home dad.

6 Eleanor And Chidi

The Good Place

Chidi Anagonye's last conversation with Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place.

There might not have been sparks between Eleanor and Chidi at first glance, but there was definitely a lot of trust. Eleanor knew that she could share her secret with Chidi, who, after some effort, understood her point of few and taught her ethics.

These two went through a rollercoaster ride to the Good Place, the Bad Place, and everything in between to emerge as lovers. They were soulmates, and a long friendship before their getting together proved just how compatible they were.

5 Barney And Robin

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Barney & Robin (2)

Serial casanova Barney was never expected to fall in love, but when he did, viewers were both surprised and enthralled. Barney fell for his wing-woman, Robin, thus forming the best couple nobody knew they needed.

Barney grew out of his old, childish ways to become a man worthy of Robin’s love, and their journey from friends to lovers was a fabled one. Sadly, Ted was shoehorned into Robin’s story, so Barney and Robin’s wedding and divorce were unceremoniously shoved into one episode.

4 Dean And Castiel


Supernatural Destiel Castiel and Dean

This fallen angel and hunter had a friendship that lasted for decades, with a romantic undercurrent running through their interactions all along. They became the best of friends, fighting for each other against every supernatural enemy, but in the course of all this, they fell in love.

Multiple deaths, revivals, and betrayals later, Castiel and Dean remained each other’s confidantes, and the tension between them was clear through the last few seasons, especially. Fans rejoiced when they got a tender declaration of love from Cas for Dean.

3 Booth And Brennan


Booth and Brennan from Bones

This crime-fighting duo may not have gotten along at first brush, but years of facing bad guys together built a sense of trust and friendship between Booth and Brennan. The forensic scientist and agent could not have been any more different from each other, but they grew closer over time.

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The tension between the two was executed spectacularly by the writers of Bones. Every episode had fans on the edge of their seats, hoping for the two of them to make the move that took them past friends and to lovers.

2 Dan And Blair

Gossip Girl


Dan and Blair went from sworn enemies to best friends, and then became the best romantic relationship on any teen show. They were unlikely friends in the first place, but fans enjoyed their forbidden friendship as they bonded over cinema, music, museums, and art.

It took some time, but when Dan and Blair admitted they were more than friends, it was a triumphant moment on Gossip Girl. They were actually the most non-toxic and healthy relationship on the show, which was why it was a pity that they were not the endgame.

1 Brittany And Santana


Brittany and Santana in Glee on their wedding

Santana and Brittany went through the highs and lows of high school life together, first becoming best friends with benefits. Then, after some crossed wires and jealousies, the two cheerleaders got together.

Coming out was another milestone they crossed by each other’s side, and fans loved seeing their adorable relationship. Brittany and Santana belonged together, and it was heartwarming to see them overcome their personal biases and social hurdles to do so.

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